Monday, May 22, 2017

Top 10 School Management Software Reviews

It will be worth to measure the changes happened in our educational system in the past ten years. Obviously, the judgment of the impact is being done so often by the institutions and as a result the popularity of the school management system is increasing day by day.

Anyhow such unanimous interest to technology has replaced the uncertainty in the operations of educational institution with a more productive phase. Though the paperless administration has already become the trend, for the rest of majority, check the list of authentic School Management Software. We have drafted the list after conducting deep researches and so get the best functionality software without any sacrifice.

The below list gives you a picture regarding the most competitive school management software:

1) Web School ERP

The trend of the time that is the most obvious priority for every institution and Web School ERP is the best school management software developed with the most updated features by Gescis Technologies, a company based on Kerala. It is open source management software and so copywriter holder is free to make any kind of customization accordingly. You can explore the features of this cloud based software with most basic set up and facilitates the work in offline version also. The software is integrated with advanced modules and includes features like student admission management, convenient data access, fees import, exam management, leave management, payroll management, login for teachers, student, guardians and admin, timetables, placements, etc. It offers 27 core modules, 12 premium modules and 8 Add-ons. The demo version of web school gives you the opportunity for experiencing the most sought out feature of this software.  

Dash board built with transparency and ease is one of the most important features that uphold the value of web school. Even the first time user can easily locate the key feature and handle navigation without any confusion. 
User-friendliness of web school is truly appreciable and so someone even without practical knowledge of the software can make the best use of it. 
All entire work of your institution can be monitored throughout day and night. This makes it possible to access the data anytime by the parents, teachers, students and staffs. 
One of the main targets of the software purchaser is to get high quality product at affordable pricing. This has been greatly satisfied by the expertise team of this software. And most specifically without making any compromise on the quality of the product. 
Moving with technology is always a great demand of this generation. So compatibility with the modern gadgets has been one of the successful factors of web school. This is integrated with Android and helps you access data from anywhere, anytime around the world.

2) SchoolSAAS

This is web based school management software that runs on the SAAS model. It has been developed by IFW Techno Creations Pvt. Ltd, a company based on Udaipur. This is one of the cost-effective software available on the software. It has user friendly features and so no external support is needed. The SMS facility and biometric attendance are the key features of the software. The mobile friendly feature elaborates its user base.

3) School Cube
School Cube is a web based school management software developed by Triz Innovation Pvt. Ltd. It is user-friendly software and executes all activities of the school through integrated features. This one supports the CCE model of reporting meant for CBSE curriculum.


This is a paperless facility for managing large amount of school data easily. It connects all department of the institution effectively and helps in monitoring day to day activity of the institution. The software has been developed by Shah Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

5) HDschool

HDschool software is designed for managing the operation of schools and other training institutions. It manages all task related to students such us fees collection, report management, library task, admission management etc. The trial version is also available and so you can calibrate the results before making the investments.

6) Go E School

This school management software has been developed by a Lucknow based company Trendsetterz. Go E School has been designed as open source, and so code can be changed accordingly for optimum performance. Through authenticated login school data can be accessed securely and monitor the activities from anywhere around the world. It helps the parents, teachers, students and administrative staffs in accessing, managing data easily without the hassle of paper work. It has decent user interfaces that support secure and easy access.

7) Fedena

Fedena developed by the Foradian Technologies is high end school management software with large number of user base. Separate login access is provided for teachers, guardians, non teaching staff, admin etc. Apart from these the campus management calendar, the event management etc. are some of best features.

8) EduWare

This one is a multipurpose application that is desktop based. This handles most of the school related operations beginning from admission generation to issue of transfer certificate. The software manages large amount of data flow within the school administration and ensures backup database.

9) Edifice

They have been one of the best campus automation cum online school management software. The school academic features, payroll, student fees etc. has been successfully integrated with this software. It is compatible with most of the system and no additional installations are in demand.

10) Applane

Applane is easy to use, high end school management software. This has been designed with the intention of connecting the teachers, students and parents. The common features like student report card generation, admission process, SMS alerts etc. has been integrated with this software.
Although most of the institution had already switched over to the school management system with the word of convenience it offered, the hype happened through cutting off the unnecessary costs.  This has increased the demand further and so everyone is on the way ahead for upgrading, which is never ending.  But still the assessment of the good and bad software continues as a daunting task. So always do proper researches and keep out the poor participants for promising Return of Investment (ROI).

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